10 Notable Videos

10-Meter Tower Jump (NYT):


28,835 Jelly Beans:


Alan Watts for GoPro:


Brother David, Gratefulness:


Charlie Kaufmann, Excerpt of BAFTA Speech:


Gunther Holtorf’s 23 Year Road Trip:


How Bad Do You Want it?:


Marina Abramović, MOMA 2010:


Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests:


Honorable Mention

1000 FPS:


Bill Murray on Mindfulness (Consciousness):


Bobby McFerrin, The Pentatonic Scale:


Bruce Lee Plays Ping Pong:


DC Shoes: Robbie Maddison’s “Pipe Dream”:


Guide to Candy Trading (Halloween) (Humor):


History of Nasa:


How to Fight (Humor):



If Tomorrow Starts Without Me:


Jaqui Kenny, agorophobic photographer:


Kasparov, How to Play Chess:


Library in China (Architecture):


Meet Me In Big Sur:


Mountain Biking with Redbull:


My Mom’s Motorcycle:


On Thin Ice (Humor):


Park It Like a Boss:


Radiolab – Symmetry:


Radiolab – Words:


Retro Encabulator (Humor):


Run Walter, RUN!:


Sadhguru, Developing an Inclusive Consciousness (Consciousness):


Skateboarding on the (frozen) sand:


The Future of Storytelling:


The Old Man and the Sea:


Tim Minchin, 9 Life Lessons:


What’s a photocopier? (Legal) (Humor):


Music Videos

Oh Wonder (Music):


Space Oddity (Chris Hadfield):