The Power of 10 (Book Excerpt)

A practice for engaging your voice of wisdom to be the greatest you – the you who is meant to be”

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[Excerpt From Chapter 1]

The Power of 10:

The Power of 10 is a practice for engaging your voice of wisdom through a process of inquiry and advocacy. Inquiry increases awareness of what is through questions that invite us to examine our current state of being. Advocacy advances what is possible by encouraging us to live into that greater way of being in every thought, word, and action.

Together, inquiry and advocacy evoke the voice of wisdom – that quiet, still voice inside us, the confluence of knowledge, experience, and insight flowing through all living beings that speaks to us through our bodies, hearts, and minds.

We know more than we think we do. As we learn to listen closely to our voice of wisdom, it reveals our true nature and purpose, calls upon us to commit to something greater than ourselves, and guides us toward choices that help us reach our highest potential. When we live in harmony with our voice of wisdowm, what is and what is possible align, and wholeness and happiness become our way of being…

Excerpt One

Who am I?, excerpted from CHAPTER 1

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle

Who am I? Ten thousand questions return to this one. Every language, every culture, every spiritual tradition petitions us to answer the question: Who am I? The great philosophers of ancient Greece engraved this question on the entrances to their temples. And it has echoed throughout history, from Shakespeare, who advises in Hamlet “to thine own self be true,” to our contemporary popular culture. In the film The Matrix, when Neo meets the Oracle for the first time, the sign above her kitchen door reads: “Know thyself.”

This first question invites us to examine the domain of self. With three simple words, the question elicits an almost infinite number of responses. Why? Because we each think, speak, and act in our own unique ways.

We all recognize our obvious physical differences: we are blue-eyed or brown-eyed, tall or short, left-handed or right-handed. Each of us experiences life from a unique vantage point, one based on our unique preferences and experiences. Our preferences are an innate disposition toward a certain condition, character, or effect—or, more simply, what we think of as our likes and dislikes.

Even when we agree on the names and circumstances of certain people, places, and things, we still attach different meanings to them. For example, she may remember the big tree in the back yard as the secret hideout where we built a fort, but he may remember it as the high place he fell from and broke his arm. He may remember Aunt Helen as a stern old woman with hands made for spanking, but she thinks of her as the family historian who baked delicious pies. Even identical twins growing up together make meaning in uniquely different ways. Though they may look alike and share the same history, each has a distinctly individual identity and way of relating to the world.

So if we are each unique, does it not follow that each of us has a unique purpose as well? That there is something distinctly ours—some talent, some skill—that offers us the opportunity to manifest our greatest potential? We may even experience an innate calling in the areas where we feel most alive, even if focusing on the term “purpose” can feel intimidating.

Identifying one’s “purpose” suggests a lofty goal, like saying, “I will make a billion dollars,” or “I will cure cancer,” or “I will win an Academy Award.” It might even be so, but need it be so grand? Maybe it is far simpler. Perhaps the secret to identifying your purpose is not in describing some aspirational future state. Rather, it is about connecting to what you are already great at, transforming the intuitive into the intentional by bringing forth that talent for your own and others’ benefit—manifesting the you that is already meant to be.

If you live for creating businesses, your purpose is about building organizations to solve problems that matter. If you are brilliant at research, then it is about spending time solving rational problems. If you are a natural performer and want to enrich the lives of others, then it is about spending more time entertaining. What could be a better purpose than

to catalyze entrepreneurship?

to extend human life?

to make people laugh?

It makes sense, does it not, that your true purpose has less to do with achievements, whatever their magnitude, than in being the best, most authentic you? Being the best you may have a scope as large as the entire world or as small as a single person you love with all your heart. However you express it, you know when your purpose is shining through by the way you feel. Experience tells us this—what happens when you’re being the real, best you? You feel alive. Happy.

The challenge for us all is the same: to choose to manifest what we are truly great at in this moment and in each moment in the future. What we choose to be, we become. To be our authentic, best selves, each of us must choose to be that self now, in the next moment, in the following moment, and so on. As we choose, we create the experience of the present and lay the foundation for the future.

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