10 Notable Six-Word Stories

Basic Knife Throwing: ALL CLASSES CANCELLED.

New diet: six dollars till Friday.

Stop laughing, help me bury him.

Only child, but never the favorite.

Five Zombies. Four bullets. Two zombies.

Aliens came. I sold them France.

█ ███ trust ███ ██████ the government, █ █████ everything ██████ ██ is ██████ █ ███ fine ███ ████.

Free hugs. $20 to let go.

For eternity: her hand in mine.



Honorable Mention

And he’s off! To distant lands.

Kept a promise, broke my heart.

Drank to forget. Forgot to stop.

Everyone makes mistakes. You were mine.

She was poetry. He couldn’t read.

Someone will stop me. I thought.

I stood there and did nothing.

Hair grew back – no more hats!

One more to stop the shaking.

I met my soulmate. She didn’t.

Laws were once written this simply.

You’re the reason I can’t love.

Her footprints led to still water.

Once lovers. Now unhappy parents, trying.

Dad’s favourite child was the bottle.

I love you…when you’re sober.

“She forwarded your email,” HR said.

She lives on in my dreams.

You were my white picket fence.

Truth hurts; this will be painless.

In retrospect, I preferred the lie.

So far, nobody’s noticed I’m gone.

.rorrim ruoy fo edisni evil I

This is me practicing being okay.

“Get psychiatric help,” the toaster replied.

Dad gamble everything. A lost us.

Table for one. Pie for five.

Sticks. Spears. Swords. Guns. Nukes. Sticks.

Torched the haystack. Found the needle.

Wanted: Loving wife or talented actress.

“I do,” he said, wondering why.

She was better as a fantasy.

Dad left; a flag came back.

You are just lying to yourself

I have mixed drinks about feelings.

˙ɐuıɥɔ uı ʞɔnʇs ˙dǝǝp ooʇ ƃnp

I invented a new word, plagiarism.

Morale is high. Morals are low.

Don’t worry, I can text while…

He hit send, then a tree.

A cannibal makes his wife dinner.

Slowly, they stopped being just jokes.

“Love you,” he whispered, drinking alone.

Strangers. Friends. Best friends. Lovers. Strangers.

The mortician sighed. Another old friend.

Kiss me like we’re not family.

The American dream: Under new management.

Thousands dead after Americans go metric.

Land of the free; conditions apply.

She had surgery, now he’s happy.

Never change. Please change. You’ve changed.

He wants her old self back.

Painted the room blue for nothing.

I should have kissed you back.

A small axe felled big trees.

Honestly, I only remember the tequila.

Too many almonds, not enough cashews.

Time flies. You be the pilot.

loop! Help, I’m trapped in a…

Let me try in German: Rechtsschutzversicherungsgesellschaften

Doctor accidentally eats an apple, disappears.

Ran into small keg. Micro bruise.

The computer is spying on me.