A Universal Meditation

A Universal Meditation


As we reflect on the gift of this day…

Let us remember the moments when we are our best
so we may celebrate and expand them.
Let us learn from the moments when we fall short
so we may forgive and improve.
Let us reconnect to this moment through our bodies, hearts, and minds
as we offer this meditation (or prayer) for our selves, each other, and the world.

May we be healthy, happy, and fully awake;
May we feel peace-filled, loving, and loved;
May we realize beauty, truth, and good in every person and every thing;
May we greet change with courage, compassion, and grace; and
May the light of wisdom guide our thoughts, words, and actions

This day and always,



*Choose what is most meaningful for you: the light of wisdom, loving kindness, god’s love…